About Rose Coffee Co.


My grandmother, Rosie, loved coffee. She once told me a story about something that happened during World War II. Everyone back then received ration coupons for things like meat, sugar, coffee, and other essentials. Families were given a pound of coffee every five weeks. Can you imagine? Well, her family went through their coffee rations quickly, and it just so happened that a neighbor of theirs had been saving their rations because they did not drink coffee! Those coveted grounds had been sitting in the pantry. My grandma made a deal that day and traded bags of sugar for all the coffee the neighbor had saved. With a smile, she told me that first cup after being without for weeks was the best she'd ever had.

It was a no-brainer for me to name this endeavor after her. She and I often sat and chatted over a morning cup. That was our time to catch up on family gossip, "chisme," or to talk baseball, as she was a lifelong Dodger fan.  

She wasn't one for fancy or flavored coffees. She loved traditional breakfast blends, and occasionally a blonde. She wasn't a fan of the big chains, and she definitely loved her ancient, noisy coffeemaker. No complicated machines for her, thank you very much. She was every bit the traditionalist, and I can understand that. I am one who enjoys fancy drinks and is willing to try any blend, any time. 

I was able to drink coffee and enjoy chats with Grandma Rosie for more than 40 years, as I was given my first cup at a relatively young age. My hope is that you'll find something here that you like and give it a try, and that once you love it, you'll be back for more. Whether you're a traditionalist like she was or a bit more adventurous, I am confident you are going to be satisfied with our craft roasted, small batch coffee.  

I thank you, and my family thanks you for supporting our small business. We are woman/Latina owned, and proud of it! 

Hold a good thought for me, Rose. Dios te bendiga. 

Rosie G. Hernandez (1928-2021)